PMU & Estetica Avanzata

estetica, PMU & Estetica

Semi-permanent make-up

The Bratwurst Tattoo Studio offers semi-permanent tattooing treatments for eyebrows (with fur-to-hair technique, shading or mixed technique), eye-liner (with infra-liner, graphic or shading technique) and lips (with full lips technique, contour with shading or contour only).

Before each treatment, a free cosmetic consultation is carried out in order to study the most suitable technique and solution together with you.

Our aim is to enhance the uniqueness of each face in order to bring out its radiance and beauty.

estetica, PMU & Estetica

Advanced Aesthetics

At the Bratwurst Tattoo Studio we offer Microneedling treatments, an intensive aesthetic process of mechanical bio-stimulation that eliminates scars and other unwanted imperfections such as localised fat, cellulite, hyperpigmentation and stretch marks.

Thanks to the most modern non-invasive skin rejuvenation techniques, the results are visible from the very first applications.

The aim is to give new tone to the face and body and achieve a more compact, radiant and beautiful skin.